Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fashion/Influence map

This is a painting I did as a Christmas present for Kayo.  Inspired by Vermeer's "The Astronomer"

Possibly starting something new with fashion. I may try various styles to see what fits.
Part of a meme on Deviantart. It was quite nostalgic to take look at the things and people that influenced me. Friends and teachers played a big part in this as well. 


Clever Blue said...

Oh wow man! the painting of your wife is lovely! I can totally see it as a scene in one of Miyazaki's films :)

You're always a source of inspiration for me

great job! :D

rLéJean said...

Thanks Cassie!
Inspiration sort of has a 'counter-attack' effect. I may pass it to you then I see your work and it comes right back!