Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Hi, just wondering, do you use any reference for your poses at all? Those are incredible! If so, may I ask where you found them? Thank you very much

A- All of my poses first come from my head which are a product of countless life drawing studies. The only time I refer to a reference is when Im having trouble with a certain part of a pose. The first thing I do is think of a pose then doodle some thumbnails or I just go straight into the thumb without thought to see if I stumble opon something cool. When I find what I like, I draw a larger version. For more difficult poses, I use more light construction lines and if Im still having trouble, the first thing I turn to is a mirror.

What I really helped me the most was life drawing, learning how to simplify the body, studying muscle groups, drawing people on the train, etc. All these things helped me to learn how the body works which I could then put into my characters.

Q- What materials do you use?

A- Mechanical pencil .5/.9
Tombo erasers
Micron pens various sizes
Croquis sketchbook
Kent/Bristol paper
Wacom Intuos 4

Q- Do you have any recommended books/resources?

A- George Bridgman - Any books by him
Glen Villpu - Ditto
Andrew Loomis - Ditto again
Sarah Simblet - Anatomy for the Artist

This is a really great tool for studying people or animals at your own pace. 

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