Saturday, November 29, 2008

Train sketch 電車で描く

Since Im moving closer to work soon, I will miss doing this daily. Still have to scan the rest that I've done.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Train Sketches and Others - 電車で絵を描き

Started doing train sketches while going to and from work. I will be moving closer to work so I'll have to find other means.

^Other recent works.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Design Festa before & after

Booth at Design Festa

Tried doing commissions this time around using the current ones as examples. Didn't make too many new things this time around. I hope make more for the next. The thing that sucks about having a booth is not having the time to walk around:(

ugh 28, almost 30...don't want.
On my bday, :Kayo: treated me to Red Lobster(In Japan!) which was a surprise. I love Red Lobster in America but I had never tried it here. The lobster owned America's.

Everytime I ate lobster in America, they only gave the tail. But here they give you the whole damn thing. I have to say, the innards, guts or whatever that brown stuff is was really good. The claws had to be the best part :D

I'll have to post more food pics later on.

There was this mask store in Ueno that had them on display outside. Thought the expression was funny :D I think its a rendition of Bobby, an African kickboxer turned Japan TV talent.


^click for commissh info