Sunday, January 9, 2011

Comic jyles and others

An 8 page comic. Reads from left to right.

 ^I wrote the story a little over 2 years ago but I didnt start on making the final pages until last year. 
 ^これはempersandの バーチャルバンドのキャラクター達。
Set of commissions for empersand's virtual band.
^more junks


yunniecorn said...

Liking ze comic! I can totally read it without flow issues. I wanna see more :D

fe said...

U're amazing! And u're japanese!
Damn! I love u!
Your style s awesome!

rLéJean said...

Yunnie- Thanks! I will try to make more!

fe - Sorry to disappoint but Im not Japanese. Im an American living in Japan.

fe said...

I made a fool of myself! Sorry! :P

Luther Taylor said...

You're absolutely brilliant!
I'm hot on your heels! I wish i had an opportunity to chat with you face to face! so much I feel I could glean from you, but gotta walk my path alone.