Sunday, August 28, 2011

Studies and stuff

Taking some time to do more backgrounds since most of the work I'm doing these days is characters. BGs are kicking my a$$! Studies in particular. When Im looking at a photo or painting to study, I believe I'm choosing the colour I'm seeing but then its totally wrong. Colours appear quite differently depending on what they're sitting next to. Desaturated yellow-browns elude me.

More artwork, some posted at Deviantart some not. 

^thumbnail studies from photos 

^study regurgitation. Gotta study more!

^train sketches


chibiwow said...

Awesome sketches. Love the clean line work here. Surely get myself pieces for inspiration here. :D wow accounts for sale

Jason Scheier said...

man o man! your killin` it re`Jean! love your latest stuff! keep it coming!! :D

rLéJean said...

Thanks chibiwow!

Jason - Dude, only one killing it is YOU! You can Kalen got me on the BG tip. Thanks for the inspiration!

gon said...

wow You are doing good!

And you can speak Japanese?