Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm not to big on making blogs personal but I have something I would like to share. I've been quite pessimistic about my artwork. Not all times but when I have an undesirable outcome. It's something I feel deep within my soul, "I'm not good enough." Its an expression I've felt since I was young and has been dragging me down my whole life. This not only applies to art but other areas of life. Eliminating all negativity about myself from my mind has become my main goal in the past few months but I've only recently been taking it more seriously. And I know that if I keep this up, I cannot move forward. Its late, but its time to let go of all my past conditioning.
 ^Pixiv conest entry

   ^ I thought I would share this again so I could show the steps.

Thank you for reading.


Jon McConnell said...

Awesome post REjean. Your work has always been an inspiration to me. Keep it going man!

Sergio Gutiérrez said...

Hi Dude, I usually follow you on DA but I try to take a look to your blog sometimes. about the things that you talk in this entry... well I think that you are a very nice artist in thinks lie linearts and designs, you characters concepts are some of the best of DA and Concept (I see you on there some weeks ago)the poses of this characters looks really amazing a other things taht I dont known how to say in my poor english XDD.

In other hand I would like to telll you the things that I tought that are not at the level of this drawings.
I think that you are not that good in color and blur/soft colors, sometimes the texture of the color ruin the piee for me. (but of couse is my opinion.

Maybe in color pieces I usually see on great artist that they characters have a very clean and tight lineart and i cant bound of you some kind of this drawigs.

Im very bad making critiques so I will try to stop it XDD and tell some other things...

In your works I usually found great ideas, I think that in art the artist with better Ideas have more possibilities of get great art. just not give up, and some time you will get your objetives.

Keep trying ;) and never surrender.

PD: yeah my english sucks I have spend too many time without not whrite anything XD in english yeahhhh!!!

rLéJean said...

Thanks Jon! You too man, Ive always admired you painting skills.

Sergio - Thank you for your feedback. I will do my best!

yunniecorn said...

Well You know what we talked about the last time :] Keep the negativity out and just be happy with it. You will always improve and You have to show your confidence in your work or it will show. Don't always try to please others if its your personal work, experiment and keep discovering new things! Miss you, buddy!

rLéJean said...

Thanks Hyun! It was a great empowering talk we had. I will try my best to move forward and keep my head up.
Talk to you soon!

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