Friday, March 18, 2011


We will be heading back to America. Hopefully this will be temporary.

When the 9.0 quake struck, I spent 2 hours outside at the local park where many others in the neighborhood were. It seemed so unsafe to go back to the apt. The amount of aftershocks was unbelievable. It had to have been every 5 to 15 min for the first 3 days it happened and that is no exaggeration. Even now we are still getting quakes more than a week later but they are originating from different areas. Right now our main concern is the radiation. Even though we will return to California, Im still thinking about the fact that we will be staying even closer to another power plant. In the last year, the earthquakes have moved along the Pacific fault line first with Chile, New Zealand and then Japan. Im no expert but I felt like Alaska, Cali, or Mexico might be hit with one in the future. We will see how this all goes. My heart goes out to those effected by mother nature. 


Cody said...

daang dude, If you need anything let me know. Will you be staying in so-cal? I wish you were coming back under better circumstances! But it will be great to see you again. I have been keeping up with keiko's statuses on fb I am glad you all are safe.


yunniecorn said...

Ah man, while you guys are staying, I wish I could visit you guys. I hope everything is taken care of soon. If there's anything I can do to help you and Kayo out, give me a call :]