Saturday, June 6, 2009

Train Sketches 電車でスケッチ + 課程

While I was out I looked for a new sketchbook but couldn't find what I was looking for. Its difficult to find a hard cover, spiral bound, smooth paper sketchbook in Japan. They always have everything but the smooth paper. The one Im using now I bought in Shinjuku so I guess I'll just have to go back there.

Still having troubles with painting so I saved my process.

The ICO team showed the real version of their upcoming game at E3. It received a pretty heavy facelift from before but the monster kinda lost his cuteness. Ah well, this game will definitely be awesome!

Maybe I've been over gaming these days. Been enjoying WipeoutHD and Pixel Junk Eden which both have some wicked graphics and sic music to go along with the experience. But the one game I've been playing too much is Street Fighter 4! Online never ends!!


Audrey El Fry said...

I really like the comps showing your process. I have a really hard time painting backgrounds so its great to see how other people do it.

Beautiful figure drawings too!

Crazy Spork I Am said...

hehehe ico. remember our ico and shadow of the colossus marathon that we did back when we were still in school? i couldn't do the area that involved heights and you couldn't do the ones that involved large bodies of water. with two of us combined we became a gamer with no fear!

Jason Scheier said...

o wow, look who I found!! What's up My Buddy Rejean! It's been about a minute since I have seen ya! Your quite talented buddy! Loving all of your latest and greatest artworks!

Jason Scheier