Monday, June 15, 2009

Puka our ferret 僕達のフェレットプカ 

Last weekend was rough. Our Ferret Puka passed away on the 13th. It seems he had eaten something hard that made it difficult for him to digest. Kayo had taken him to the hospital on Friday and was scheduled for a an operation but he died right before the operation.
I dont think our apartment was as ferret proofed as we thought it was. We regret that we were not as cautious as we should have been. We have a lot to reflect on.
We had him cremated on the next day.

He will be missed.


Michael Anel said...

Aww that sucks! Sad to hear that Re'Jean but good to see you have a blog up. =[

Remie said...

You drew him, sweetie... Thank you.
He was our Ohana.
I miss him too much.

Jason Scheier said...

I'm sorry palll, I lost my cat last year... I'm empathize with your loss.. :( nice drawing though.

-Kalen Chock- said...

sorry to hear about your loss as well . on the right note check out the gobelins animations , shit will inspire your environments for days!!

Ariel Ayala said...

is beatifull your mascot!saludos! from argentina!

yunniecorn said...

:[ I'm sorry to hear he died. I was reading Kayo's journal about him being sick but thought he'd be ok. Cha's gecko died not too long ago also of similar reasons.