Sunday, February 15, 2009


I really like Sai's interface. Seems somewhat like a simplified Painter.
The bottom sketch is a fan art of 7th Dragon I did for a PIXIV contest. We aren't allowed to post what we did elsewhere so I'll just post the Sai sketch. You can find the finished version here


Anonymous said...


Good to hear you are doing well, actually I'm applying for JET this year, and my interview is next week!
I'm sooo nervous, but I will do my best.

I've never heard about Sai, I'll definitely give it a try :)

yunniecorn said...

My sai ended :/ won't let me use it anymore lol. And I've been afraid to dl things cuz of pesky viruses even with scanners ><;

Roqu said...

yo man! That's great what your doing. Man leveling up all the time. But yeah man I was going to note you in DA about starting commissions. I got to start making some extra money. I just wanted to know how you go about it and if you have any tips! Also man Thanks for hitting me that Pixiv! Yeah It helps me with my Japanese and see a lot of more cool artist! Also yeah I should practice writing with you too man! But yeah man Your doing it! living the dream and growing everyday! Be safe man and keep it powered! スト4!!


Charecua said...

Sai is the best software to do lineart, isn't it?! By the way these sketches are so inspiring!

Dominick said...

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