Thursday, June 23, 2011

outs and dumps

^Went to Laketown, a humungous mall thats pretty close. Used to go quite often when it first opened. We usually go there to eat Sendai cow tongue which is in the 3rd pick. Maybe I didnt notice before but they put 10 yen message chairs in the mall. After walking around so much, it was a nice break. Also played that new DB arcade game. Its pretty damn fun!

Styled my Kayo's clothing a while back. Pretty much everything above the waist is my clothing haha.

^Recent commissions and other art stuff.


bangbangteng said...

MAN, REJEAN! This pack of paintings (especially the three in the middle) blow me away! You're on industry master level now. Time to start makin' that paper.

arvelous said...

I really love your works.

rLéJean said...

Thanks for the words Jon. I still have lots to improve on!

Im happy that you enjoy my works, Arvelous!

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