Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nikko - 日っ光

^日光から帰った! 一番上のは江戸村でタイムスリップみたいな感じだ。紅葉はすごかった。
Just got back from Nikko! We went to Edo Wonderland(though in Japanese its simply called "Edo Village") which is sort of like a "theme park" of Old Tokyo. Tokyo was called Edo up until the Meiji era, where it then undertook a western look and became the new capitol of Japan.
We also went to Tokugawa Ieyasu's grave/shrine who was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
The autumn leaves everywhere were so many colours. Red, orange, yellow, pretty much the whole spectrum of warm colours. It was so cold but well worth it.
Kayo made this for my birthday earlier this month. THANKS SO MUCH! She's gotten so much better at making clothing. 

Present for a buddy's b-day

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