Friday, September 24, 2010

Otacool x TGS x 孫悟飯

Pixiv x OTACOOL4 contest entry.
wtf Japanese to English!

Bowl cut Gohan for no reasons...

I went to Tokyo Game Show by myself on Sunday. The lines were hella long so I didnt feel like waiting. There were so much more people compared to when I went 2 years ago.


The_Dan_x said...

Sweet. I didn't realize that you went by yourself. That sucks. I heard there were some cool things there this year, too.

I also see that you HAD to sneak in the Street Fighter characters in the pics! :-p

Trinidad said...

Cool man. I really like your Pixiv contest entry. Great design.

Jason Scheier said...

great drawings and nice photos!!

rLéJean said...

Danny - Haha yep! SF fo life!

Trinidad - Thanks!

Jason - Thanks man!

Failstar said...

Man that chick is kicking my ass so hard. Your stuff is getting so solid. I got people at work asking me who did that drawing and stuff :D Keep up the great work my friend.

Ralph said...

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