Wednesday, July 21, 2010

プンプン Gobble + studies

^I started reading the manga Oyasumi Punpun which was recommended by a friend. The main character's appearance threw me off at first but I slowly started to forget about it once I got into the story. The story centers around a group of elementary school kids. There's no furigana(kanji with hiragana next to it) so it becomes hard to read at times. Out of about 1900 kanji, I only can read about 600. So when I get to an unknown character, I check the dictionary.

These days I've been at home working so I havent seen the outside world much. Kinda a waste since Im in Japan. I walk outside yesterday to piercing sunlight! I really need to balance my work and out time.

Studies from here on down. Kinda old stuff.

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Failstar said...

Sick studies man! It's always great to see your work. I am sure these are all old and your probably over them...but I get to sit here and enjoy them and drool!

I believe that a balanced life is a happy one. You should find ways to combine the site seeing and the working. I dont know about you, but I enjoy just getting away, even to a coffee shop and kicking some lines there. Remember when we were in SF and you were taking pictures. I took all that for granted, now your in Japan, take advantage of it. Keep up the great work, and we are missing you over here man. Cant wait to see more stuff from you! FIGHTING!!!!