Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching up...


Jon McConnell said...

Damn Rejean. Lastest update blew me away. I love the still life, awesome work! :)

rLéJean said...

Thanks Jon:)

gizi0@wp.pl said...

You're really amaizing
but I write this cuzz I have a problem with the drawing. I try to draw a girl holding an umbrella, but I can not draw a hand that is holding this umbrella :(
drawing will look something like this:
only that it will be drawn by hand.

could I ask You for help? Could You draw a sketch this hand for me? I would be very grateful:)
this is very important for me, I didint paint/draw a long time, and i can't draw this :(

PS. I don't speek english, so I sorry for mistakes

Jason Scheier said...

whoa what an update!!! seriously amazing jyles as always~

Aleta Vidal said...