Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Fighters 15th + more Train Sketches

^the King of Fighters 15周年記念のコンテストのためにこれを描いた。楽しかったね。自分自身への挑戦をしたかった。仕上げる過程でいくつかの新しい技法を学べたし、上達する手助けになった。長い間ファイティングゲームの ファンなので、とても楽しく描くことができた。お気に入りのキャラクターを集めて描いた。次回のゲームには今では出てこない左半分のキャラクターも出てく るといいな
Wrote more in English at my dev page--->http://kasai.deviantart.com/art/King-of-Fighters-15th-anniv-128109880

Drawn on the Tobu Isesaki and Toei Shinjuku line.



Clever Blue said...

really like your layout for the colored piece :D

Jason Scheier said...

Whoa!! amazing paintings and drawings!

yunniecorn said...

You ass kicker of art! I don't remember what my hair used to look like when we went to school... >.> Yeah, I haven't had much time or the energy to come home and draw :[ and on the weekends we're busy with errands and what not. Oh did Kayo mention about the hair products? I replied to her blog last time about it.