Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nintendo DS Colors + Jiverity

I backed-up these paintings before loosing my Nintendo DS. Painted in Colors for DS.

This is part of a self-project which I've picked up and put down over the past year and a half. After few contest are over, I want to put more time into this.


Anonymous said...


I got the ALT position! right now I'm just waiting for the placement.
Can't believe I'm going to Japan~~!!

We have to hang out for sure! wooo!

Ariel ayala said...

hi! i ama fan of you yea of argentine yes you are a exclent artist my blog is please visit an d coment mi drawings , you are great artist thanks!

The_Dan_x said...

Rejean, you amaze me with your mad skills. Now get another DS and keep doing this stuff! :-p

Hope you're doing well, man.