Saturday, December 13, 2008

More 電車で描く

More train sketches from last month. Im usually shy away from drawing women, especially school girls since I don’t want to look like a pervert. The more I drew on the train, the more I didn't give a damn.


The Black Samurai said...

Love your work! Beautiful lines and motion. I also lived in Japan! I was in Osaka for two years working as an ALT in Junior High Schools. Lots of fun! Best of luck and keep up the awesome art!

yunniecorn said...

Hey Rejean,

Hope you're still doing well there with Kayo. I might be moving back to LA near my family. Also had some tragic things happen last few days. Just wanted to tell you guys have a great new year and more to come. Hopefully one day, me n Cha can come visit you two. Ttyl.