Tuesday, April 29, 2008

k i k u 2

^I went for more movement this time. Don't know if I will get around to colouring it though.

^More random sketches. ランダムな落書き。

Inconsistent batch of speedy BG shizzles. Took about 45-1h30 min for these. I've kinda slowed down with bg practice recently.
I've been keeping these past BGs to a specific theme for a personal project.
それぞれ45分ー1時半かかった。最近はいけいを描くことをあまりやっていない。 ここまでのはいけいは特定のテーマで続けてきた。

Friday, April 4, 2008

k i k u

Took my past sketch and experimented further in photoshop. I think I should have given the character more movement...


Face of a beauty! Go check out her crafts。here